Jul 13, 2015

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Going Camping? Tips for Picking Out Supplies

If you’re planning a camping trip, there’s a good chance you already know the basics of what you’ll need: a tent, a sleeping bag, and a backpack. However, once you start looking into getting these supplies you may be surprised to learn just how many there are to choose from.

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To help point you in the right direction, let’s take a look of some of the different categories and features you may experience on your search.

Picking Out a Backpack

Backpacks are great not only for packing supplies you’ll need at your campsite, but are also essential if you plan on taking hikes during your trip. Camping and hiking packs comes in several different sizes and are usually defined as day, multiday, or expedition packs. You may also see bags defined by the amount of liters it can hold or pounds it can carry.

If you plan on just setting up camp and not venturing too far from that, a day pack  should do the job. However, if you intend on taking you sleeping bag and tent with you on your hikes, you should explore options in the multiday and expedition pack range depending on how much gear you have. You may also find that an external-framed pack (much like the one’s you’d picture a Boy Scout carrying) can come in handy so you can clip on extra gear instead of trying to stuff it all into a bag.

Finding the Right Sleeping Bag

When looking at sleeping bags, you’ll likely see several “temperature ratings” on the packaging or descriptions. What these numbers means is that the sleeping bag will keep the average person comfortable if the temperature stays above that rating number. For example, if a bag has a temperature rating of 35 degrees, it should keep you warm if the outdoor temperature is above 35 (Fahrenheit).

For summer camping in most areas, this should work just fine. However, if you’re planning to go camping during the colder times of year or in particularly chilly parts of the country, make sure to pay close attention to these ratings. A good winter sleeping bag should be able to withstand subzero temperatures.

Choosing a Tent

Like the sleeping bags, tents can also be designed for winter or summer use. More commonly, however, the biggest question tent shoppers are faced with is how big of a tent they’d like. In addition to given actual dimension, many tents are labeled with the number of people it can sleep.

The “2 person” or “4 person” labels are really a guideline. Typically this calculation includes 15 to 20 square feet of room per person, so if you’d like a bit more space, consider going one size up. Another thing to consider is the amount of cargo you’ll be carrying. If you are going to be taking your tent(s) with you on the trail, if may make more sense to get one large tent as opposed to two smaller ones.

Putting Together a Checklist

Having a checklist of items you need is always a good idea. Checkout these tips from REI.


Getting all the right camping equipment can admittedly be a bit confusing at times. However, these basic guidelines should help point you in the right direction.

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Jun 15, 2015

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Camping Hacks That Might Come in Handy

Tic Tacs, milk jugs, and a belt. These three seemingly unrelated things may just come in handy on your next camping trip.

This short video demonstrates five “camping hacks” that you may not have thought of but could very well make things a little easier when you’re out in the wilderness. Whether it’s keeping critters out of your food, finding a better way to make breakfast, or creating a quick and easy lantern these are great tips to remember when packing for you summer expedition.

Have you tried any of these tips? Will you? Have any other tricks you’d like to share? Let us know!

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Apr 1, 2015

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Outdoor Pursuits in NY


Nature strolling in Inwood Hill Park

It was similarly the site of a champion amongst the most fantastic trades in area history: here, Peter Minuit obtained Manhattan from the Lenape Indians for trinkets and spots worth about $25 at today’s expenses. The Inwood trail is cleared, and the intense shares are by and large soaking, yet short. All you’ll need is a strong pair of walking shoes, not Everest-bore unit. Additionally bring binoculars: you may recognize an uncovered bird of prey.

Bouldering in Central Park

Picnickers and competitors of different sorts group to Central Park, however this world-extraordinary green space has also transformed into the epicenter of New York’s outside climbing gathering. Bouldering is a demandingly genuine blended pack of rock climbing – it doesn’t oblige ropes, on the other hand you’ll oblige strong muscles to cover short, uncommonly soak partitions, some of them completely vertical. Central Park has three reminiscently named venues where you can endeavor to reach new statures – Cat Rock, Wave Rock and the most predominant of all, Rat Rock. On a better than average day, you’ll find a heap of climbers displaying their stuff.

Kayaking on Gowanus waterway

imageInquiry out the spooky clues of Brooklyn’s old cityscape and paddle on a champion amongst the most polluted conduits in New York City. The channel was starting late declared a Superfund site by the US government’s Environmental Protection Agency is loved by Brooklynites and experiences one of the area’s most occasion neighborhoods. Still, the Gowanus has advanced past anybody’s desires from its days as a present day channel: it’s in no time clean enough to help creating amounts of crabs and distinctive species. Basically don’t fall in. The Dredgers Club leads free voyages through the trench from April to October. You’ll make sure to perceive some common life, in the same path as the odd heron, and furthermore elegant individuals hurrying to presentations and bars.

Cruising lessons at Flushing Meadows Corona Park

The ruler of Queens parks is the Flushing Meadows Corona Park. A past dumping ground – the flash for the “valley of red hot stays” – Flushing Meadows offers social investments in wealth: the NY Hall of Science and City Field. For grass huggers who might lean toward yet not to meander into the dull blue sea, consider cruising on the amusement focus’ Meadow Lake. The American Small Craft Association offers sensibly assessed lessons that will demonstrate every one of you the stray pieces, from gear the pontoon to directing it.

Mountain biking in Wolfe’s Pond Park

New York City’s “ignored” ward is probably most remarkable for its eponymous – and free – ship. Yet Staten Island similarly has some astounding parks. Mountain biking lovers longing for some unpleasant territory movement should consider the thickly lavish Wolfe’s Pond Park on the island’s southern extensions. The amusement focus’ trails, suited for both youngster and widely appealing level riders, are the most up and coming development to the metro range’s creating arrangement of mountain bike courses. You’ll find a variety of region – frigid lakes, sandy shorelines and thick timberland. Juveniles – or families – can deal with level trails, while the gutsier can endeavor root and rougher ways.

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