Sep 27, 2015

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5 Great Water Bottle Cleaning Methods

One of the knocks on hydration bladders is that they are hard to clean than regular water bottles. But, let’s face it, a well-worn water bottle can get pretty icky as well. Even if the bottle looks clean enough, there can sometimes be an odor emanating from it or, perhaps worse, an “off”taste to your water.

The folks at Sierra Trading post recently made this short video highlighting five different methods for cleaning out your water bottle to eliminated those funky tastes. Check it out:

I had used some of these methods previously but I had never heard of the ice, salt, and lemon one. As the video warns, that might give the next bottle of water a slight lemon taste, but that actually sounds great. Meanwhile, the denture tabs one kind of grosses me out — sorry. Overall, Sierra Trading Post recommends the vinegar method which I can also sign off on as an effective trick.

So have you tried any of these methods for cleaning out your water bottle or hydration bladder? Which do you find works best (or a different method entirely)? Let us know!

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